Flake Ice Machine

How our machines produce perfect

Flake Ice?

Today, Tamutom produces and exports high-quality flake ice machines all over the world.

It has the perfect Flake Ice Generator (ice evaporator) and combines with top-quality cooling equipment such as compressors, condensing units, filters, valves, and others.

All equipment belongs to European Standards.

There are 2 types of flake ice machines as Fresh Water Type and Sea Water Type.

Other advantages are TAMUTOM's Short Delivery time and after-sales service.

You can easily look at the different capacities below.

Our vertical type evaporator flake ice machine operates fully automatically for 24 hours in hot areas. Use in the fish industry is the first choice. We also produce ice storage. You can use flake ice machines with an ice storage container or if you have a storage room, you can install it in the room.

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