Are You Preparing Ice Patterns With Drinking Water or Network Water?

Did you know that throwing ice into water, fruit juice, lemonade, or acid drinks, which is one of our summer habits, will bring great health problems if not prepared for drinking water?

While ice consumption in our country increases 4 times more than the winter months in our country, daily ice production, especially in our coastal regions, rises above 100 tons on average.

While large-scale ice producers have to prepare packaged ice in healthy environments with purified drinking water instead of mains water, the same conditions apply to restaurants and businesses. If the ice used by restaurants and businesses is not produced with drinking water under hygienic conditions, it may pose serious threats to human health.

After frequent ice poisonings in the summer, consumers have become conscious of this issue and have questioned whether ice is prepared with drinking water in their restaurants. Many businesses emphasize the sensitivity they show to their customers on this important issue by posting expressions stating that they make their ice with purified drinking water, not mains water.

What is ice poisoning?

Ice poisoning is among the most common types of poisoning in summer, and mains water and unhealthy environments can cause it. When ice is not prepared with healthy water, bacteria, microbes, and toxins that can live in an oxygen-free environment in ice become active again when the ice starts to melt and directly affect our digestive system.

What are the symptoms of ice poisoning?

Ice poisoning symptoms are very similar to food poisoning symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, high fever, weakness, and vomiting symptoms are observed after consumption of ice produced with unhealthy waters. In cases where these symptoms are mild, it is necessary to rest and consume plenty of fluids. For more severe symptoms, a doctor should be consulted.


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