Automatic Ice Rake and Semi-Auto Storage Systems

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Title; Concrete Cooling

The subject of the article; Ice Storage Systems Used in Concrete Batching Plants, Ice Rake System, Semi-Automatic Storage System, Ice Plant, Concrete Batching Plant since 2006, Rosen Cooling Systems has been operating in 75 countries. We provide different solutions to the leading companies of the world in the concrete cooling field.

We have two different storage systems developed as a result of our R & D studies in storage systems used in concrete batching plants and are used in various regions of the world to meet ice needs, especially in hot climates.

 These products include:

Ice Rake System Semi-Automatic Storage System

Ice Rake System

     In this fully automatic system, when the ice is stacked in the warehouse by means of the forward-backward and up-down moving harrows and ice demand is specified by the power plant, the ice cubes reach to the mixer at the desired kilogram within the automation of the concrete batching plant. The control room of the concrete plant without any manpower is needed.


Gulf Ready Mix (Heidelberg) - Kuwait

Semi-Automatic Storage System

        In a semi-automatic system, manpower is needed instead of moving rake which is different from a fully automatic system. Two people working in the warehouse, when needed, throw ice into the spiral grills and the process of reaching the remaining weighing and mixer continues automatically.


Kolin Construction Al Mutlaa Project-Kuwait


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