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Benefits of Ice

We seem to hear you say, "What is the use of ice?" Although it is not known to everyone, it is ignored by some physicians; The benefits of ice for human health are not to be remembered. We hope your mind will change after reading our article. Maybe you will want to examine the wonderful ice machines of Tamutom immediately.

Firstly; Let's talk about the benefits of ice for our skin:

Ice rests and heals. It allows you to get rid of many skin problems.

With cold therapy method, it adds beauty to your beauty. Cold therapy is applied only to a clean face. Since ice cubes are cold, you may have trouble holding them by hand. We recommend wearing gloves for this. If you want to massage your face, apply the ice to your face with a cloth or sachet.

But; For puffiness and pimples around the eyes, you can apply it directly. Of course, there is a point to be considered here. In order to prevent ice burns on your skin, you should avoid contact for more than 1 hour. Ice cubes; If you make it with green tea, garlic, and cucumber, you will benefit more.

With ice therapy, you have smooth and radiant skin. Because now your blood circulation has increased.

It is the most important material in the fight against acne. Because when you roll the ice over your face, it minimizes the oil produced by your skin and helps eliminate the swelling caused by pimples.

Wrinkles are also tackled with ice therapy. Ice helps the skin trap moisture and prevents premature aging of the skin. Ice therapy is not just for you to combat existing wrinkles. It also prevents wrinkles from occurring.

It shrinks the pores on your skin, which removes dirt.

Besides these; Ice therapy is a very important place to get rid of swollen and tired eyes, skin cleansing and reducing skin oil, and make your lips softer.

Ice bath: We know that there are many athletes doing ice baths in the world. It is even considered the secret of some of their success. The ice bath lowers body temperature. Therefore, it is thought to minimize the formation of inflammation and inflammation in the muscles. We are sure that you will prefer Tamutom Ice Machines, one of the world's leading ice machine brands, for your pool and jacuzzi.

The effect of ice on swelling and injuries: all of us, in our lives; The first thing that comes to our mind when we fall and get injured is to make an ice compress on the swollen and/or injured area. Ice compress prevents pain and edema. There are many benefits to making an ice compress on the damaged area. Ice compress applied shortly after the injury; Reduces inflammation, bleeding, spasm and pain. It should be applied in the first 24/72 hours.

Cold application methods are:

Ice pack: It is an old method. The ice-filled bag is applied to the skin through a thin cloth. The ice pack cools deep tissues well and for a long time. The application time is 10-20 minutes.

Gel packs: It contains a gel that can be thawed and frozen. The packages are flexible. It adapts to the human body. It should not be applied for more than 10 minutes.

The ice compress also works on the heel spur. Small, pet bottles are taken and rolled over that area.

A small warning: ice application is not done over clothes. Also, care is taken to keep the skin dry. In order to prevent burns on our skin, a cheesecloth or towel should be used.

Finally, we will tell you about Feng Fu, the Wind House method: It is a method related to Chinese acupuncture. Ice cube is put at the point where the head and neck meet and are applied.

The application time is 20 minutes.

That zone will freeze a bit first, but after 30 seconds, warming will be felt.

This method, which will provide endorphin to your blood, gives energy and vitality when applied daily.

Other claimed benefits of this method:

  • Improved digestive system

  • Better sleep

  • Resistance to flu disease

  • Good breathing

  • Improvement in the cardiovascular system

  • Hypertension protection

  • Obesity or against Nutritionals, etc.

Warning: this article is written for general information. It should not be taken as a doctor's advice. Based on the content of the article, our company is not responsible for the diagnosis made by the reader on its own. If you are concerned about your health, consult your doctor.


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