Concrete Cooling in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Construction

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Although the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project is Turkey's largest energy investment project is the first nuclear power plant project. With this project, 10% of Turkey is expected to meet the energy needs of this power plant.

Akkuyu NGS Project consists of 4 units. The power of each unit will be 1200 MWe. The technical reference plant of the Akkuyu NGS Project is the Novovoronejskaya-2 Nuclear Power Plant with the AES-2006 project in Russia. The operating life of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be 60 years. The fuel type is slightly enriched uranium dioxide.


Power Unit and Safety Flow Chart


Rosen Concrete Cooling Systems has established the 5th Concrete Cooling Plant as the concrete cooling project partner of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant construction.

  • 4 40 Ton / Day Ice Production Plants with 160 Ton / Day Ice Production Capacity in total.

  • Totally 80 Ton / Day Ice Storage Capacity, 4 Pieces 20 Ton / Day Fully Automatic Ice Storage System (Ice Rake System)

  • It provides ice and cold water production and transfers to 4 concrete plants with its Chiller with 320 tons of water cooling capacity and 60 tons of cold water storage.

Finally, the installation and commissioning of 4.40 Ton / Day Ice Production Plant and 20 Ton / Day Fully Automatic Ice Storage System (Ice Rake System) that we established for the 4th Concrete Plant supplied by AKKUYUTST company from Vuruşkan Makina were successfully completed.

Electrical Electronics Engineer

Ferdi Büyüktepe



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