Fish consumption and cultural & socio-economic reasons,

Undoubtedly, the fish industry is one of the most widespread and largest food industries worldwide. I think it is also the healthiest. I wish we could consume more fish instead of red meat and white meat, but fish consumption varies in each country due to cultural conditions, economic and social reasons.

In African coastal countries, for example, in countries such as Ivory, Ghana, Mauritania, Tanzania, fish prices are lower than the price of red meat, and the people can hunt as they wish in rich oceans and get their daily food need from fish.

However, consumption of fish with the advent of farming in countries where cultural reasons such as Turkey, less than meat and poultry consumption. For example, Turkey's per capita seafood consumption average of 7.6 kg. Per capita, fish consumption in the country of Ghana seems to be exactly 27 kg. As you can see, there is a huge difference. almost 4 times.

This numerical change affects fish and red meat consumption habits of countries. At the same time, red meat and fish prices affect consumption preferences.

Fish consumption and red meat consumption, which vary between countries, show different results in health problems in some of the same countries. Indeed, Turkey and Ghana compare cholesterol-related health problems among countries, it appears to be significant differences between the two countries. Ghanaians have less high cholesterol than Turks.

In fact, this map is slightly smaller so that comparisons between eastern and western regions of Turkey from when it is observed that serious differences. For example, when we compare a person living in a coastal city such as İzmir and a person living in Malatya, I say by generalization that those living in İzmir consume more fish and also consume more vegetables than those living in Malatya. On the other hand, Malatya, an eastern Anatolian city, is an inland mainland city and has no coastline. Therefore, those living in Malatya mostly consume red meat and wheat foods. As a result of this, we can say that and based on the observation, high cholesterol complaints of people living in İzmir are lower than those living in Malatya.

Cord, Izmir/TURKEY

So we mean fish is healthy. Omega 3 is essential for our health and we should consume it in abundance.

What should we pay attention to when choosing fish?

There are some points we should pay attention to when choosing fish. These are generally the freshness of the fish, such as being a hunting crop. Turkey fish in the fish farming industry is very common. Fish are raised by feeding with special feeds in fish farms established on the sea. However, the healthiest is of course fish that are caught and presented by hunting.

Another important issue is keeping the fish fresh. There are some ways to understand this, I won't cover them here, but the most important method of keeping the fish fresh is to preserve the fish with ice. Ice is an indispensable product for fish. Don't forget to keep your fish cold.

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