Fish freshness and ice use

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Fish is considered one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods in the food industry. Undoubtedly, it has been accepted all over the world with its nourishment and taste.

In general, the fish that comes ready for our tables goes through many stages from the moment it is hunted to the table.

Among these stages, I will talk about its relationship with ice, which is one of the most important factors.

Fish adventure with ice

The fish must maintain its freshness since it was first caught. For this, cold storage methods are preferred in large fishing boats. However, only the cold room may not be enough. In addition, the fish is mixed with ice and cooled and kept fresh.

Ice is produced on machines in large and medium fishing boats. In general, the flake ice machine is used. Yaprak produces ice in a certain warehouse by producing ice continuously. The flake ice machine has many advantages. The most important of these is a fully automatic operation. If you want to reach more details for the flake ice machine, you can reach from our related page.

Use of ice in small boats

A small type of fishing boats, which can be called boats up to 10 meters long, may not be suitable for the use of an ice machine. Therefore, these types of fishing boats can supply ice from shore ice producers. By storing enough ice (about 100 kg to 500 kg) on ​​their boats, they can go hunting.

How is the use of ice in fishing, as we said, there are many advantages to flake ice fishing and most importantly, it is fully automatic?

The produced ice is blended with the harvested fish. Of course, while doing this process, it is treated precisely so that the fish are not damaged.

Since the ice is in the form of a leaf, it will easily enter the fish. Icefish at -5 ° C can keep cold for 24 hours under suitable conditions. This sura can be enough to catch the fish and make it ready for shipment to the land.

In this article, we tried to give information about the relationship and usage conditions between fish and ice. For more information about flake ice and flake ice models and different capacities, you can find the relevant link. Tamutom ice machines export ice machines with high-quality standards and suitable for many years to 80 countries today. The next spelling will be about ice machine production costs and the ice sales profitability ratio. Continue to follow us.

Mustafa Göğcü Tamutom Ice Machines General Manager



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