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Fishing and Leaf Ice Machines,

As in many areas, one of the most intensive use areas of ice machines is the fishing industry. Because preserving the freshness of the fish is one of the most important points in this area.

The most preferred ice machine type of fishermen is the leaf ice machine, also called broken ice.

The Flake ice machine is divided into two themselves. Seawater flake ice machine and normal water flake ice machine. A kind of flake ice machine is at every stage of the fish's journey on land. The sea ice-leaf flake machine is generally preferred in fishing boats. Fishermen are very careful about preserving their freshness, even until they reach the shore. It can be used for many years with its sea water-resistant design.

Fresh Water Powered Ice Machines

Flake ice machines operating with normal water are more preferred machines. The thinness of flake ice has an excellent heat transfer in addition to its magnificent decoration of fish display cases. These small pieces of ice, which come into contact with the ambient temperature, adhere to the points where they touch each other, forming a cold layer on the fish. Before the fish takes their place in the stalls, leaf ice is sprinkled on the counter and the fish are lined upon them. Then, by sprinkling the ice sheets on the fish, an ice coating is created so that the fish are kept at a good temperature and a healthier environment is provided.

Daily according to the capacities of the facilities; 500 kg, 1 ton, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, etc. Capacities like this are preferred. Besides the flake ice machine, containerized, container-free cold room tanks and fully automatic, semi-automatic ice transfer systems are also in demand.


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