Ice Evaporators 2#

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Flake Ice Evaporators;

This is the fastest ice formation of the evaporator.

In the picture above, 10 tons/day capacity ice evaporator is seen together with the compressor group. On the upper part of the evaporator, a reducer moves to the rollerblade moving on the inner surface of the evaporator. breaks by rollerblade. Crushed ice is poured through the hole under the evap. The installation of the machine must be in a high place so that ice can be taken from underneath. Generally, installation is done in a cold room.

Additional review subject, Ice Machine Selection Factors to be considered when choosing an ice machine It is necessary to determine the requirements of the area where the ice will be used more than the price of the ice machine.

The intended use of ice is 90% for cooling purposes. A small portion of 10% caters to visual arts. The ice machine used in visual arts is a transparent mold ice machine or brine mold ice machine.

The factors to be considered in the ice to be used for cooling purposes are related to the requirements of the product to be cooled.

The feature of mold ice is the coldest, the most durable and long-lasting type of ice. Here, the ice is a good insulator feature. It is very easy to install and use with modular devices from 250 kg to 10000 kg capacity. It is easy to install and use. It can meet high demands. It completes the production of ice in 8 hours in large volumes and in 4-5 hours in small volumes.

Cube ice medium and large-scale tourism businesses, local ice sellers, cafe, restaurant bar web enterprises, in general, is a form of ice produced to appeal to the end-user. In small summer with its cubic shape is an indispensable cooler of refreshing drinks in the hot summer months. capacity to meet the demands.

Tube Ice also cube ice caters to an area of ​​use. Proportional to the size of the device in 15 minutes to 45 minutes ice casting process takes place. Cube is a kind of ice between ice and mold ice. It is also widely used in industrial applications, such as concrete batching plants. The most common usage area is ice factories that sell ice.

Flake ice machines are a kind of machine that can provide ice without stopping 7/24 if periodic controls are made. It is used in areas with instant ice usage in large quantities, it can be transferred easily thanks to its fragmented structure. One of the most common usage areas is concrete batching plants. Weighing systems with instant loads can meet certain criteria.

The preferred types of ice can be converted into other forms by means of auxiliary equipment, carried and weighed, e.g.

The mold can be passed through the crusher and used in smaller forms as ice flakes.

Flake ice can be molded and used with an ice press, but this is not as productive as ice.

Leaf cube, tube, and crusher are used in the transfer of the molded ice according to the use of stainless or iron spirals are carried out.

Automatic ice storage or Ice Rake Storage is widely used in the storage of flake and tube ice in the same way, it is the ice storage system that is produced and used widely by Rosen Company.

IWS350 and IWS500 are ice weighers that are manufactured by Rosen Company as Ice Weighing System. Ice mold is used for weighing crushed ice, flake ice, tube ice, and cube ice.


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