Updated: Jul 8, 2020

You produce and sell a substance that instantly melts and loses its properties. If the distance between the production site and the point of sale is remote, this will cause loss of production and may cause damage to production. Of course, you can use cooling means, but this will increase your costs and reduce your total profit. Therefore, my advice is that your production site is located in or near the sales area.

What are the machine production costs, the most curious subject for the third part,

There are 3 items in ice machines that affect production costs.

1. Electricity consumption 2. Water consumption 3. Labor costs

Apart from these, we cannot talk about items such as workplace rental income and taxes that we cannot predict.

I want to give you an example starting from the smallest machine BIM 12 block ice machine,

1. Electricity consumption per day = 20 kw 2. Water consumption per day = 300 liters 3. Number of workers required = 1 worker

As an example, let's talk about the country of Ghana. Electricity cost in Ghana 0.061US $ / kw × 20kw = 1.22US $ / day The water price is almost free for 300 liters. Let's say the daily wage of 1 worker is about $ 1.5. Total production cost = 2.77US $ / Day

Let's look at sales returns, BIM produces 60 molds of 5 kg of ice for 12 days. Sales price of each 5kg mold ice in Ghana = 0.2US $ 60 x 0.25US $ = 15 US $ / Day

Total profit 15 - 2.77 = 12, 23 US $ / Day

As you can see, it is possible that the smallest capacity ice machine will bring you around $ 12 a day profit.

Of course, it should be noted that the numbers we provide may change. Overtime wages may be different or the cost of electricity may differ depending on the region. However, I have listed to show you a calculation method as an example. Based on this, you can adapt it to the conditions in your region and reach a complete and clear result. Also, the example I gave was for the smallest machine, electricity and water costs increased at the same rate when the machine capacity increased, but labor and rental costs remained almost the same. For this reason, my advice to the investors will be to machine ipe.bss with the maximum capacity you can invest at the highest level of your possibilities. Remember, the more ice you produce and sell, the lower your total costs.

Yes, in this article, I have tried to explain to you, our valued readers and entrepreneurs, by giving an example of the proportions between ice production and sales. As I said at the beginning, if you want to contribute different information and opinions openly, you will have a place in our articles.

I greet you all respectfully.

Mustafa Göğcü

Tamutom Ice Machines

General Manager



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