Our Export Targets Are Bigger Than Covid-19!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

During the COVID-19 era and the stagnant economy, Turkish exporters are facing new risks.

Faced with the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world and the turmoil it creates in the global economy, experts struggle to keep up with economic predictions. So much so that leading experts gave up this exercise and chose to wait until the end of this very specific situation.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TEA); “The day is not the day of despair, but the day to prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. We have put into use the headlines that will compensate for the effects of international trade, the loss in exports, and the action plans to take a stronger place in the new world order that will occur at the end of the process. Let's not forget that our export targets are bigger than Covid-19. We never undaunted "Foreign Trade Surplus that Turkey" will continue our steady march toward the goal on the road."

Activities in Turkey for months it's nice, but a light of hope in the form of promising signs of recovery emerge. Therefore, the news should be more encouraging to mid-year.

However, this development will depend largely on the effectiveness of the measures taken to contain the pandemic.

The world economy should be followed closely after the pandemic. Interesting information will appear about the economic impact of COVID-19 around the world; Including GDP growth and price developments in major economies around the world on a two-year horizon.

Commodity, interest rates, and exchange rates. All of this is supported by an in-depth analysis of unprecedented public programs implemented internationally to counter the effects of the pandemic.

Sinan Dayioglu

Sales and Export Responsible



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