Should Drinks be Consumed with Ice?

Is it Bad to Put Ice in Drinks?

We want to cool off when summer comes, and one of these ways is to consume an ice-cold drink. Putting ice in beverages is a situation that you do not avoid in summer. Well, did you know that this is not really a good idea? In this article, we will explain why it is not good to put ice in your drinks.

Putting ice in drinks: Dirty ice means a dirty drink

Various researches have been done to understand whether ice, which is very popular in summer, is good for our health. The results are disturbing. In most ready-made food establishments and “stylish” cafes, the water used in ice-making machines is filled with bacteria.

So much so that these bacteria are similar to those found in toilets. Do we compare the ice used in beverages served in a restaurant chain with the toilet water? Yes. And worst of all, toilets are usually cleaned more often than these ice machines.

The heads of these multinational chains argued that these bacteria originate from humans. In other words, people who use machines and cubes and clean toilets are the same employees. These employees are in contact with money, they also clean the floor, but they don't always wash their hands.

Laboratory tests did not reveal any serious pollution in the beverages of these facilities. The truth, however, was that bacteria levels were higher than what was considered to be "normal".

We should not forget that the problem is not the water used to prepare the ice. The main reason for the pollution in ice is the bacteria produced by the machines and machines that serve the drinks.

Perhaps bacteria entering the body with soft drinks are not a problem for a healthy person. However, it can pose a problem for children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems. Another problem you should pay attention to is trips to countries or cities where it is not safe to drink water.

Not all exotic locations in Africa, Asia, and South America are so hygienic. Therefore, water most likely comes from polluted rivers, lakes, rivers, or reservoirs.

In this particular case, we recommend that you do not consume ice. Do not run the risk of having diarrhea, stomach cramps, or vomiting, and spend those few days you spend sightseeing in the hotel room and consume ice-free drinks. The troubles we mentioned will be one of the most positive scenarios for the problem you will experience.

Cold drinks versus hot drinks: Which one wins?

One really interesting thing about putting ice in drinks is that it takes cold fluids into the body (especially the stomach).

It was confirmed that consuming almost frozen or iced drinks during meals caused indigestion.

That's why East Asians eat hot green tea instead of cold juice or soda during meals. When you consume cold fluids, the blood vessels contract. This increases the body's mucus production. Therefore, the required hydration stops. This is another point that prevents you from using ice in your drinks.

Instead, if you consume warm or hot liquids such as tea, the intestines move better, digestion occurs faster, the blood is purified and the kidneys clean the body as it should be.

Finally, you should know that eating something warm or warm while eating helps your body to absorb the fat it receives better.


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