Tamutom 2020 / New Factory Installation

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Generally, the change of property/location of firms is sometimes due to the nature of the work, sometimes the needs of the business owners, or the workload. What will our company pay attention to for this process;

We are in a year in which the changes in the workplaces of other manufacturers/companies, especially in the industrial sector, have accelerated. Sometimes negative, sometimes positive, this process can change. As Tamutom operates in the Ice Machine sector, it aimed to triple the factory area due to its work area, stocking, and volume of large-scale projects, and it does so in the last quarter of 2020.

Our company is made according to the information to be obtained as a result of the systematic studies that need to be done exactly in the factory location selection. Tamutom has done this in consideration of factors such as growth policy of the company, changing competition environment, the supply of intermediate products, and technological renewal as a result of long term studies for factory location selection.

Our SGS Business and Social Security Principles,

Tamutom, in terms of job security application; pays much more attention to its audits periodically than organizations with high risk. Our quality of risk prevention in our company has been documented by our occupational safety experts during the control phase. In our new factory, the same process will not change and production will continue with better possibilities in our working area more tightly with our control team.

Changes and requirements in Working Conditions,

The fact that our TAMUTOM Company personnel work at the most efficient hours and increase efficiency affect the organization within the corporate structure and increase the performance. Sometimes, flexible working hours increase injustice anxiety and disrupt working discipline. Our company assists our staff with frequent job training to prevent the reduction of professional stress so that there is no less work-life conflict for the employees. The method of applied training is the technique of reaching the whole.

Workforce flexibility practices provide the opportunity for more efficient use of the 24-hour day for both the employer and the employee, as long as the participation and approval of the employee are obtained. The way of working that facilitates balancing the work and family lives of employees is important for the effective use of the existing workforce. Adopting more employee-friendly strategies that reduce the amount of stress related to work-related stress, stress at work and non-working time demands are important for organizations to gain competitive advantage.





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