TAMUTOM (Rosen CO.) Will be the base of Europe in Concrete Cooling Systems,

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Tamutom (Rosen CO.); Despite the concrete industry, which has experienced a growth trend of 10 years in 2020 with the effect of the economic stagnation after the pandemic, our company, which has shown a growing trend in the domestic and foreign markets, continues to increase its exports in the international market. now she began to become the new supply bases in Europe's concrete cooling technology of new cooling technologies for the start of Turkey's proximity to Europe for the market and provide faster service network Tamutom I return with the brand from other brands.

Tamutom brand has made the highest sales of all time in the concrete cooling industry, in the domestic and foreign markets for the last 4 years. The foreign trade network in the field of concrete cooling sector, cooling elements, cooling system, and elements have strengthened. Looking at the data for the first five months of 2020, the growth chart changed slightly.

Our R&D center has strengthened within the Concrete Cooling Technology,

In the concrete cooling sector, Tamutom R&D center office added the R&D center to its structure and increased its number of engineers to 2 in a short time. Combined with the view that the change in demand in the consumer can be met with technology investment and after-sales service quality, our sales engineer states that the changes in this sector will increase the sales of equipment as well.

Looking at the global concrete cooling industry, the market size has reached 80% by 2020, including ice storage, water cooling, ice water plant, mold/flake ice machines, and plumbing equipment. In 2023, it is foreseen that the market size will increase by 10% to reach real competitive value.

The concrete cooling industry takes approximately 15 percent of the market in the Middle East and Central Asia markets on a global scale. Aiming to double its global market share in 2023, Tamutom Ice Machines are in a general orientation towards energy-consuming systems related to developing cooling technologies and concrete pouring health in the sector. As a result, the Tamutom brand, which is sensitive to the consumer, the environment, and society, is expected to have more say in the market.





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