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Eating ice has damages that can have extremely dangerous consequences. We have investigated these damages for you.

What are the damages to eating ice? Why is ice eaten?

In the extremely burning and overwhelming summer days, people want to cool off naturally and develop their own methods. The most important of these methods is eating ice. When the heat becomes unbearable, the desire to eat ice comes at the beginning of cooling the easy way. What would be defeated ice? Do not call. Let us examine the damages of ice, the only benefit of which is cooling when eaten directly.


Due to the extremely hot summer season, especially those who need cooling may have a habit of eating ice. Generally, it is preferred that the foods are eaten and drunk are cold. Often ice is added to drinks. However, in some cases, there may be a need to eat ice directly.

Ice eaters beware! Your oral and dental health may be in danger...

  • Eating ice directly can cause mineral loss.

  • However, eating ice can also have harmful effects on teeth.

  • It is possible to damage the teeth and gums in the event of breaking the ice.

  • Microscopic complaints can occur in the case of a piece entering the gums. In this case, harmful microorganisms entering the mouth can cause discomfort, especially in the gums.

  • Ice, eaten to cool off in hot weather, will lower body temperature suddenly, so more salt from the body and mineral spillage.

  • It may cause inflammation of the throat or high fever discomfort in people with sensitive tonsils.

  • People with ice that are eaten as a sweaty body, especially the lungs may be cold.

  • If the pieces of ice are hard, crushed can cause tooth decay by damaging the tooth enamel.

We must take care of our health and care about ourselves. :)


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