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What are the effects of an ice bath on our health?

Ice bath varies according to factors such as age, muscle ratio, and health availability. Relaxing muscles in people over 60 have been shown to benefit inflammation or inflammation and slow inflammation at a younger age.

Let's examine the effects of the ice bath on our health together ...


If we hurt somewhere, if we treat it with an ice bag on it, we see that pain and swelling decrease. But professional athletes or for such bodybuilding enthusiasts, such practices are said to react adversely. Contact with cold water reduces blood flow. On the other hand, Ice slows down the healing process of the muscles after an injury. Some inflammation in those who do weight training can be beneficial because it stimulates the repair of muscles. Deliberately preventing this result may not be positive. Inflammation or inflammation gives pain, these pain relief measures are taken. However, observations were made that this regressed recovery.

In experiments with mice, the application of ice against inflammation does not slow down muscle regeneration, but in people with larger muscles. Ice was not shown to have the same effect.

In experiments in Australia, Norway, and Japan, ice baths and slow warm-up movements were compared. Signs of inflammation and stress in the muscle increased slightly after exercise, but the ice bath had no effect. So cold water did not reduce inflammation.

Jonathan Peake, who conducted the research at the Queensland University of Technology, reminded those who used the ice bath technique again says he should review it. Because this method does not reduce inflammation, it slows down muscle regeneration. Peake, an ice bath can be beneficial for quick relaxation between competitions, but in the long run, it is important he says he cannot give positive results.

If you want to try the ice bath in your home and evaluate the effects on your own body, consult your physician first we recommend that you get approval.


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