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What Is Ice Hockey, How To Play, And Its History

History of Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey sport is a sport that emerged in the 19th century. The sport uncovered by Canadian deckers was played for the first time in 1917 at NHL. Since 2007, there have been two 15 leagues under the east and west conferences.

Ice Hockey was played for the first time by Northern Europeans. The game, which was played in the middle ages for the first time in Canada in the mid-19th century, was played primitively at that time. It is said that the first official hockey was played in Kingston Ontario in 1855. The match organized by Robertson in 1865 is the first match to be recorded.

Later, ice hockey rules were introduced for the first time with the work of Robertson. According to these rules, there were 9 people in both teams and a square disk was used. Later, with the determination of the committee convened in Montreal, the number of people in the groups was reduced to 7. In the last arrangement made by the National Hockey Board in 1909, the number of people on the team was six.

In 1893, Stanley Cup games in Hockey Sport started. This Lord Stanley Prize is given to the best hockey team in Canada and is still a

tradition today.

What is Ice Hockey and How do you Play?

Ice hockey played on ice is performed by two teams. The aim of the game is to control the disc with the hockey sticks of the players.

Players gain points by controlling the disc and inserting it into the goal. Hockey skates must be worn for this game. One team has a goalkeeper and six players. These players run the game without a break. When one of these six players makes a violation of the rules, with the penalty given by the referee, the team continues playing for 5 people in the game for a while. There are more than 20 players in a group, except six players in the game. The hockey area of ​​this game is 26 x 56 meters wide. The game is played in three circuits lasting 15 or 20 minutes.

Leading countries in Ice Hockey Sports; the Czech Republic, America, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Russia. The best players in the ice hockey world are from the NHL (National Hockey League). They play with each other for the Stanley Cup at the end of the year in the league.

In North America, women play in the Women's National Hockey League and Western Hockey League. In Europe and North America, men's hockey is more prominent than women's. In the Olympics, hockey is played by both men and women.

Ice Hockey Field Dimensions

The 61 m length and 30 m width dimensions are the largest size of the Hockey Field. At least it should be 56 x 26m. The corners of the Hockey Field are oval. The radius of this oval should be no more than 7 / 8.5 meters. The ice of the ice field is lower than 1.20 meters or higher than 1.22 meters, the sides are surrounded by a mixture of wood and plastic, called bord. As another requirement, there should be a yellow kick band 15/25 cm high under the side walls. The walls surrounding the ice surface in the hockey field have to be painted white.


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