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Full Automatic Ice Storage System ( Ice Rake Technology )

ROSEN Full Automatic Ice Rake Storages and Delivery System is the perfect combination with a Flake Ice Plants with this, certain amounts of ice can be stored over a period and discharged on demand and for covering demand peaks. An entire daily capacity of the ice plant can be discharged during the production in a short period. Even excess production capacity will fill the ice storage and is not lost.


The Ice Storages are equipped with a fully automatic rake and conveyor system as well as an air cooling unit. They are prefabricated in a container with double-wall insulation or designed in stationary equipment. The size of the ice storage depends on its holding capacity but starts with a 40-ft. container. This means, all containerized ice plants of ROSEN perfectly fit to be placed upon a Mobile Ice Storage or Modular Stationary Ice Storages.



Note: Please ask for the price of the machine

Ice Storage System Full Auto

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