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Concrete Cooling

Perfect Solutions for Concrete Cooling

Rosen Makina offers perfect solutions for Concrete Cooling in Ready Mixed Concrete production.

It has developed high technology devices, Chiller Water Cooling Equipments, Ice Machines, and Ice-Water Plants, which have benefited from the beneficial model document in its factory in İzmir. It has become a solution partner of the ready-mixed batching plant companies and construction companies in the world-wide importance of construction projects, highway projects, bridge construction, airport projects, power plant constructions, dam, and HEPP construction sites, and ready-mixed concrete used for TBM equipment.

From 2006 to this day, he has completed many successful projects both at home and abroad.

Turkey's Leading Construction firms are in the reference list.

Find The Best Solution for Your Ready Mixed Concrete Production!

ROSEN engineers are always trying to cost-effective solutions with the latest technology for the production of ready-mixed concrete.


We have written a lot of articles about it. You can find this article on our blog page.

  • We are asking some simple questions to find the best solution to your concrete cooling requirement.

  • Then we study the project and prepare a report, and send it with our technical offer.

What can be the solutions? 

There are 3 levels of concrete cooling. 

We call these as;


Beginning Level, 

Medium Level 


 High Level

  • Beginning Level; Chiller Water Coolers   

Reduce the temperature of concrete 4-6°C.

It is the most popular and using concrete cooling systems for Ready Mix Batching Plant around the world. 

If a 4-6 ° C drop in concrete is enough for you, we recommend you chiller water cooling.

Chiller Unit is the first level and cheapest way for the concrete cooling. 

  • Medium Level; Icy-Water Coolers   

Reduce the temperature of concrete 6-8°C
It is the latest technology water cooler system has developed by ROSEN. 
We recommend to batching plants if necessary 1°C cold water. That cold water drops your concrete 6-8°C. 
It is working similarly principle of chiller unit.

  • High Level; Ice Plants   

Reduce the temperature of concrete 8-12°C
It's a highly effective solution for Ready Mixed concrete production. 
There is an ice maker with an ice storage system and integrated into a batching plant with an ice delivery system. It is 100% own manufacturing of Rosen. 
It is the most popular solution in the hot region as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.


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