Cube Ice


What can you do with the Cube ice machine?


You can produce cube ice for your industry;
Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Hotel


Or create your own ice business...

Produce cube ice and sell it to your clients.

How you can produce and packing?
Cube ice machine working full automatically in 24 hours. It has its own ice bin storage and it collects ice into the storage automatically as well. 

Is it easy to use the cube ice maker?

- Yes, All you have to do is discharge the ice out of the storage bin every

3-4 hours.


What is the daily cost of production? 
Electric, Water, and Manpower!! 


Cube 250 = 30Kw/day
Cube 400 = 60Kw/day
Cube 800 = 108Kw/day


Cube 250 = 300 Liter/day
Cube 400 = 450 Liter/day
Cube 800 = 850 Liter/day


Only 1 person

enough to use

cube ice machines

How to make a package of your cube ice?

It's very easy, usually, the cheapest way is semi-automatic ice delivery and packing system. 
You just take off the cube ice from the bin automatically by screw conveyor than collect them into the plastic bags than sealing the bag. It's done.

How you can keep cold the cube ice packages? 

We suggest a small freezer for small capacity cube ice machines as Cube250 and Cube400 models. 
For Cube800 we recommend the small cold room.

Here are the 3 models of the cube ice machine...