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I want to establish an Ice Business! 🤔

How I would start the ice business? 

  • First, I would check the target market, which type of ice I can sell? Block ice, cube ice, or flake ice? 
    - Maybe I can sell a couple of various types of ice. So I need a different type of machines

  • Which capacity ice I can sell in a day?
    - 250kg, 3 Tons, or 20 Tons? whats the demand of the market? 

  • How I will keep cool my produced ice?
    - Maybe I need cold storage...

  • How I will deliver my produced ice to my customers?
    - The customer would come to get or I should deliver? Maybe I need a cooler vehicle.

Which equipments do I need for Ice Business?

I would need; 

  • Ice Machines; Block ice or Cube ice or Tube ice.

  • Packing Unit; Semi-Automatic or Full Automatic.

  • Cold Storage: Mobile Containerized or Stationary.

Block Ice Machines

Tube Ice Machines

Cube Ice Machines

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