How to add Gas ( refrigeration ) in to Ice Machine

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

You may need to add gas to your ice machine. It because If you have a leakage in the system, or it can affect due to cold or hot ambient conditions.

But how to add gas? here are we try to explain shortly...

First, Equipment that we need below,

Monometer Refrigeration R404a Vacuum Machine

Now if you have these then you can follow step by step,

1- We connect the pressure hose of the monometer to the compressor.

2- We connect the high-pressure hose of the monometer to the liquid tank

3- Vacuum for 45 minutes with both hosen ends open on the monometer.

4- We close the low pressure going to the compressor through the valve in the monometer.

5- We supply gas to the liquid tank, about 1 cylinder. (as much as possible)

6- We close the high pressure going to the liquid tank through the valve on the monometer

7- We supply gas to the compressor.

8- We are working on the system.

9- When the water temperature is working down to minus degrees, we give the compressor about half a cylinder of gas.

10- Pressure indicators;

- High pressure at the first stage: shows 24 bars, water - will show 18 bars when the degrees are down

- Low pressure in the first stage: shows 3 bars, water - down to degrees will show 0 bars.


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