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Artistic skating, which can be considered entertainment and an art activity as well as a branch of sports, is one of the most established sports in the world. Primitive skates made of animal bones found in archaeological excavations show that human beings have been skating since the earliest times. One of the oldest known names for skating is the Dutch saint Lidwina, who lived in the 14th century.

The emergence of artistic skating as a sport goes back a pretty long time. Figure skating began to attract attention in Britain in the middle of the 18th century, and in 1742 the first figure skating club was established in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1772, a rule book was published in which the rules of artistic skating were determined. The sport began to develop techniques in the 19th century and the American ballet dancer Jackson Haines tried to use artistic figures. The International Skating Association (ISU), which includes synchronized ice skating, speed skating, and short-distance speed skating branches, as well as artistic skating, was established in the Netherlands in 1892.

The rules and styles of artistic skating began to take shape in the early 20th century and jump figures were included in the sport. After winning his first medal in the World Championship held for the second time in 1897, Ulrich Salchow, the world champion every year with a deficiency between 1901 and 1911, revolutionized the sport by inventing his own jump.

The category of women was opened for the first time in the World Championship in 1906. Figure skating was included in the 1908 London Olympics program, competitions were held in the category of men, men special figures, women, and couples. Salchow in men and another legend of those years, Madge Syers, achieved victory. The figure skates remained within the program at the 1920 Antwerp Summer Olympics and later became the official sport of the Winter Olympics, which was held for the first time at Chamonix in 1924.

In 1991, with the establishment of Turkey Turkey artistic skating Ice Sports Federation, it has organized a federation of independent on-site.


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