Concrete Water Cooling Systems (Episode 2)

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Chiller Units;

It is a water cooling system that can lower the water temperature up to 8 ºC.

This system can generally be preferred in the regions where the temperature is up to 30 ºC in the middle climate regions. Among the water cooling systems, it is the most frequently used water cooling system in terms of low cost and ease of use.

Chiller Units

Ice Machines;

There are ice machines that can produce in different ways. The ice produced in manual type ice machines is added to the water tank in the concrete plant and the water is cooled. This type of machine has a high labor force but can be preferred due to its low cost.

In Automatic Type Ice machines, the produced ice is transferred directly to the concrete mixer, where it is mixed with other materials to cool the concrete. Although it is an effective and professional cooling system, it is the highest system in terms of cost.

Block Ice Machine

Ice Water Plant;

It is a new generation state-of-the-art cooling system. It can reduce the concrete water to be used in high amounts up to 0.5 ºC. It is suitable for use in climates where the air temperature rises up to 50 ºC.

It works fully automatic and full time. It connects to the water tank in the concrete plant and cools the water there. With its average cost, ease of use, and high performance, it is used in many concrete plants with high importance today.

Ice Water Plant

Precautions To Be Taken In Concrete Casting

The concrete temperature should be constantly checked. Excessive vibration should not be done. Casting should be done as soon as possible. Finishing should be done immediately when there is no sweating water on the surface.

Concrete casting is carried out at the lowest possible temperatures during the day.

What is the setting time?

Setting up; concrete and mortar begin to solidify. It is a construction term. According to this; In cold weather conditions, the setting time of fresh concrete is longer and the rate of gaining strength is slower than the setting time of concrete in normal temperature conditions.

The period between the time when cement is combined with water and the time when cement paste solidifies and loses its plastic feature is called “setting time”.

In normal Portland cement, the socket is requested not to start before 1 hour and to be completed before 10 hours.


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