Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Hello dear readers. In this article, I would like to open up an issue that every entrepreneur who wants to invest in ice production and sales is most curious and wants to learn. Of course, there may be different opinions and suggestions on this subject. If they contribute to our article, we will be happy.

As a first step, we can talk about investment activities in the ice business,

The most important point for entrepreneurs is to invest with the lowest possible costs. For this, good market research is made and machinery and equipment offers are collected. Of course, it is important to start with the most affordable and low prices, but more importantly, it is to have an ice machine and equipment that will not leave the ice maker halfway. Any malfunction that may occur in the ice machine while manufacturing is disrupting production that goes well and may disrupt all your production and sales plans.

Therefore, it will be the smartest and most convenient way to get the best equipment at the best prices. In order to realize this, if you do not have expertise in machinery, it is recommended that you get support from a specialist.

As Tamutom ice machines, the most challenging customers are the buyers who do not have enough information about the machine. We may have difficulty explaining the quality requirements of the ice machine and equipment we produce to this type of customer.

However, when the specialist customers come to our factory and see the ice machines we produce, we can easily express ourselves to them without the need for much talk. Machine specialists can easily understand the quality of the ice machines we produce.

Another issue in this regard will be the after-sales service support of the machines purchased. Of course, machines with human production may malfunction more or less. Here are the most important points in such cases are the machines that will provide you with the fastest support.

In this regard, Tamutom Ice machines can provide instant support to their customers in case of failure. It is possible to communicate with our after-sales team via WhatsApp or by phone 24 hours a day.

For the reasons I mentioned above, we highly recommend entering the ice business with the best ice machine and equipment that you can buy within the possibilities.

As the second subtitle, I would like to mention the location where you will be producing ice, wait for the rest of the article.

Mustafa Göğcü

Tamutom Ice Machines

General Manager



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