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Different ways to remove ice from the freezer for all seasons

In the summer, the ice we used to cool our drinks and drink cool was forgotten with the end of the hot weather. However, ice cubes have a wide range of uses. Let's examine these usage areas together.

  • Eliminate the itching sensation by applying ice cubes to the itchy areas

Taking advantage of the short-term numbing feature of the ice, you will apply the ice cubes wrapped in the cloth on the itchy area. It will eliminate the itching sensation.

  • You can clean narrow jugs and deep jugs and vases with the help of ice cubes

Take the pitcher or vase that we want to clean and put the ice cubes in the form of small pieces. Add a little lemon juice and a little salt. Slowly shake to get rid of dirt and finally rinse thoroughly.

You will see that it has been completely cleaned.

  • Get rid of the creamy layer on the soup with ice cubes

After the soups are cooked, it starts to be creamed. To get rid of this creamy layer, add 1-2 add ice cubes and heat the soup over low heat for a while. Your soup will be the first version you make.

  • If you have trouble heating food such as rice and bulgur pilaf in the microwave, ice cubes will help you

Put 1 ice cube on it before putting food such as rice or bulgur pilaf, which becomes hard and dry when heated, in the microwave oven. Thus, you can reach the freshness of your pilaf when it was first made.

  • If you don't like the taste of the medicine we drink, you can benefit from ice cubes

The biggest problem of the regular pill or syrup is undoubtedly the unpleasant taste left in our palate. To get rid of this taste put a piece of an ice cube in your tongue for a while before using your medicine, then use your medicine. You will not get that bad taste since your tongue will be numb after a short time.

  • You can use ice cubes to feel less pain during your skincare

Regardless of the tweezers or wax, regardless of the painful processes you will apply to your skin, run your ice cube wrapped in cloth over the area you set before applying the procedure. Thus, you will feel less pain while applying the procedure.

  • Reduce the deep traces left by the coffee tables or armchairs on the carpets with ice cubes

Your heavy items placed on the carpets cause traces that do not improve easily after a while. The ice that we will put on these traces will melt and make the traces become less visible after drying.

  • Get rid of chewing gum and its derivatives thanks to ice cubes on your clothes or hair

Ice cubes are definitely a good solution for removing a sticky substance such as chewing gum. Move the ice cubes into the area where the gum sticks, and you will soon see that the gum has solidified and can be easily removed from where it sticks.

Read on for advice we can give about ice like all this :)


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