Flake Ice and Ice Machines

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In this article, I will try to give you general information about flake ice.

What is flake ice,

There are various methods of producing ice, these are generally, flake ice, block ice, ice cube, and tube ice.

It is produced in different types of machines producing these ice types.

Here we will now tell you the Ice Flake and the Machine.

Flake ice is best formed in a cylindrical drum in a vertical position. This type of machine is the most preferred ice machine. When water is given from the upper position to the inner surface cooling in the cylindrical drum, it freezes on the surface with the effect of cooling. The ice formed on the surface is scraped off from the surface with a scraper blade or roller and falls down from the abundance at the bottom of the machine.

This production method is the simplest and most practical system. Compared to other ice-making machine systems, it is a machine that has the least problems and can operate automatically for 24 hours continuously.

Flake ice evaporator (Ice Cylinder)

So what is Flake ice used for?

The most common use is for cooling the fish. It is necessary to keep the fish fresh in the period from the fishing to the processing & cleaning and stocking area.

During this time, it is very important to keep the fish cold by protecting it from heat. In particular, the fish should be kept cold in the first stage, that is, from the time it is hunted, and in other production stages.

The simplest and most common method to meet this requirement is, of course, to conserve ice and fish. After the production stages, the fish can be kept fresh in cold storage depots.

The flake ice machine has become the most popular ice machine in the fishing industry thanks to the great advantages it brings to its users.

Flake ice machines are also preferred for their ease of working on boats. Fishermen can apply the ice they produce on their boats to the fish they hunt without wasting time.

-Tamutom Flake Ice with Fish-

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Tamutom Flake Ice Machine installation in the Fish Vessel

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