Use of Ice Machine in Concrete Batching Plants

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Title: Use of Ice Machine and Automatic Storage System in Concrete Batching Plants 

A writer by Mr. Ferdi Buyuktepe  Electric & Electronic Engineer Rosen Cooling Technology

       During the production of concrete in concrete batching plants, the temperature is of great importance to achieve the desired concrete quality; therefore, cold water units (chillers) and ice machines are used to reach the average temperature values.

        Daily production capacity, ambient temperature, cement, water, aggregate, and sand temperatures that make up the mixture give the total capacity you need and the ice machine is produced in accordance with this capacity. The capacity of the ice machine you need is calculated daily. Due to the fact that production is not interrupted, next to the ice machines, storage systems that are fully automatic and designed to be integrated into the automation of the concrete plant can be used, where you can work with stock and include the desired amount of ice in production. Automatic storage and ice-making machine are known as Ice Rake System in the world and it is known as Automatic Storage System.

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Plant with Ice Plant

The participation of ice in concrete production consists of the following 5 stages:

1- Ice Production;

Daily 40 Ton Capacity Ice Machine

       At the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is under construction in Image1, we see an ice machine with an annual production capacity of 40 tons and an ice facility with a storage capacity of 20 tons. Image2 shows ice machines. Production is provided by 2 pieces of flake ice evaporator with a production capacity of 20 tons each and a compressor group with a cooling capacity of 206.6 KW.

2- Stacking and Storing Ice

Automatic Ice Storage System

 The motor moves in the storage direction, allowing the rakes to stack ice. As the ice is stacked properly, the rake system is automatically raised with the lift motor.

3- Transferring Ice to Concrete Production

        As the ice plant communicates with the concrete plant, the door of the ice warehouse is opened at the moment the ice request is made from the automation of the concrete plant, the rakes start to rotate in the direction of giving ice and the ice is pushed through the rakes and transferred to the ice scale with the help of spirals.

4- Ice Weigher

Spiral and Ice Scale

       The ice transferred to the ice weigher with the augers is weighed here and the ice transfer to the weigher is finished as soon as the desired kilogram is reached and ready to be discharged into production. The ice scales perform precise weighing and communication is ensured with the automation of the concrete plant.

5- Transferring Ice to Conveyor Belt or Bucket

        The ice that is ready in the Ice Scale is delivered to the mixer together with the aggregate and sand which are the other materials that make up the concrete. In concrete plants with a bucket system, ice is discharged to the bucket after aggregate and sand. In concrete plants with conveyor belt, weigher cover is opened and laid on aggregate and sand to reach mixer.


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