Machine Specification


The ice machine, which has a total of 25 ice blocks, can produce 150 blocks per day with a weight of 6.4 Kg per block, and has a total capacity of 960 kg of ice per day, is more than enough to meet your needs.

Advantages of Molded AB25 Block Ice Machine


• Because it is new technology and fully automatic, it saves time and reduces labor costs.
• Provides ice production at -12 degrees.
• The energy capacity is high, the electricity consumption is low. The device operates with 5,25 KW / hour energy consumption and 380-415 V, 3 Phase.
• Allows you to save space by not taking up too much space. It measures 175cm*125cm*130cm.
• Full 25 ice blocks ready for use within 4-5 hours.
• Removing from the molds is not troublesome, but rather easy, it does not tire the person.
• The mold material produced by taking care of your health is made of completely Aluminum Cooler Panel material as both internal and external surfaces. No rusting.
• Uses for many years.

Uses of AB25 Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine


• Fishing and aquaculture,
• Supermarket, fish restaurants,
• Pharmaceutical sector,
• Meat and poultry products,
• Vegetable, fruit and beverage types,
• Café, bar, and restaurant.

Automatic Block Ice Machine 25 Mold

  • Total ice making capacity

    960 kg /day

    Each Block Dimensions


    Each Block Weight

    6.4 Kg

    Ice Block Amount Per Shift

    25 pcs

    Production Time Per Shift

    4 hour

    Ice Block Amount 24h

    150 pcs

    Power Supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase, 50-60Hz


    Freon R404A

    Ice Temperature

    Minus 12˚C

    Unit Dimensions


    Power Consumption


    Compressor Capacity          

    7 HP

    Condenser Type

    Air Condenser