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Model No: FIM 40TON


This machine, which we designed as a concrete cooling system, produces 40 tons of ice per day.
This means approximately 1660 kg of ice per hour.

The 40-ton ice plant, designed using 2 pieces of 20-ton flake ice evaporator, was assembled in a standard 40ft shipping container.


4 units of 50hp semi-hermetic compressors or 2 units of 100hp screw compressors can be preferred as cooling capacity.
The water-cooled condenser is recommended as a condenser type.
It is placed in a 40ft container with 2 pieces of 20-ton ice evaporator and compressor group and also with water condensers. The water tower is mounted separately on the container.

With the double blade system, it easily scraps and cuts the ice formed on the cylindrical surface and throws it out from the bottom space.
Preferably, the ice tank to be placed under the container can store ice spilled.

Tamutom You can examine semi-automatic and fully automatic ice storage and stacking systems.


You can get in touch with our professional sales support team in the field of concrete cooling so that we can provide ideal solutions for you.


Please, click the link below for the product video;

Flake Ice Machine 40 TON /day

  • Ice production capacity per day

    40000kg / day

    Ice production capacity per hour

    1600 kg / h

    Compressor capacity

    4 x 50 hp

    Compressor model

    Semi Hermetic Type

    Compressor electric power

    180 kW /h

    Power supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase,50-60 Hz

    Ice temperature

    Minus 2˚C - 3˚C

    Ice thickness

    1,8 - 2,2 mm


    Freon R404A

    Colour of ice


    Size of machine

    in 40ft Contianer

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