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Cooling Power of Ice and Icy Water in Cooking

It is one of the greatest desires of bakeries and patisseries to have products that look as good as they are delicious. Some minor points are important to meet the demand and prepare the products with high quality and healthy methods.

Ice and icy water are just two of these indispensable products.

Baking doughs require precise measurements of temperatures and humidity to achieve the desired result. The dough-making process is critical, as ice and icy water help to achieve the desired consistency attainment of the dough.

The dough used for baking bread, muffins, and the like has high temperatures during the kneading process. The dough should be obtained at approximately 22 to 25°C when the dough is removed from the kneader to avoid moisture fermentation. It is not easy to reach these degrees in places or climates with high-temperature levels. The addition of ice or icy water helps create a dough that is softer, more pliable, and easier to shape and form a fiber.

In order to obtain a rich and aromatic result, block, cube, flake, and tube ice machines are in high demand as much as the icy water machine in the dough kneading process.

Different forms of ice machines and icy water machines, which are among the products of our Tamutom brand, which operates in many areas in the world, help you to get fast and quality results.

Let's decide together on the cooling equipment related to the sector you are in or considering.

We are happy to assist you with our expert staff.

You can reach us at e-mail address, or you can contact us at +90 544 344 51 61 WhatsApp line.


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