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Iraq's Scorching Heat Wave: Ice Sales Rise!

Due to the increasing temperatures in Erbil, Iraq, ice floes attract great attention as an alternative cooling tool. In the city, where the temperature reaches 50 degrees, many workplaces and homes use ice floes to cool drinks when the electricity is cut off.

There are many ice vendors in the crowded streets and streets of the city. A block of ice about one meter in length is sold for 1000 dinars (about 12 liras).

Ice blocks, which are kept in many workplaces and homes, especially in coffee shops, markets, and restaurants, are among the indispensables of peddlers selling beverages.

According to the statement made by the ice seller, he said that ice sales increase every year in the summer months and they have received many orders, especially from workplaces in the last 2 months.

Reminding that there was a serious demand for ice floes across the country due to the decrease in fresh water in the past years, the owner of the company stated that they are now facing an increasing demand due to the extreme temperatures.

However, it also caused some health problems such as food poisoning caused by improperly stored ice.

The rise in temperature in the city has had a huge impact on the population, causing increased health problems, and a number of health risks such as heat stroke, dehydration, and respiratory problems.

The increase in ice sales has been a boon for ice traders as well as those who rely on ice to survive the heat.

However, this temperature increase in the city negatively affected other businesses such as tourism.


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