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Developing Ice Machine Industry ROSEN Cooling Technology

We had a great road to developing cooling systems in the last 14 years. We have started to produce small types of ice makers. Then in years, we had grove up and tried to make bigger capacity ice makers. We start with making block ice makers at the beginning and in years we increase our capacity and make different types of ice makers such as flake ice makers and cube ice makers. after some years we also start to produce tube ice machines.

All these new productions bring us to different markets and regions. We could only sell the block ice machines to African and Arabic countries. But with Flake Ice Machine, the other regions like South American countries and Middle East countries open their door for TAMUTOM.

Tamutom always cares about innovation. Tamutom engineers always seek for developing and finding new technologies for cooling systems.

The last issue was about Concrete Cooling Equipments. Tamutom under the ROSEN Co. brand developed Full Automatic Storage Systems. We call it the Ice Rake Unit. It's a technology that only a few companies can able to produce in the world.


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