Food Cooling and Ice Cream

We offer you the benefits of our decades of experience in cryogenic cooling and freezing.

One of the major challenges of the food industry is to effectively control bacterial activities, or - better still - to completely eliminate them. One of the most effective weapons in the fight against bacteria is cooling and freezing.

When the temperature is lowered below the freezing point, the growth of microorganisms decreases rapidly. This happens not only because the temperature of the product decreases, but also due to the decrease of free liquid water activity - microorganisms are deprived of the water they need.

Cooling a food product reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Quick cooling of a product (also known as flash freezing or cryogenic freezing) further reduces this risk.

Cryogenic ice cream also preserves the natural quality of food. Ice crystals form when a product is frozen. The smaller and equally dispersed the crystals, the better the quality and taste of the product. The only way to ensure that small crystal in the food product form properly both inside and outside the cell is to quickly freeze the food at cryogenic degrees.

Years of Experience

As a global leader in advanced food refrigeration and freezing technologies, we have been providing innovative solutions for decades and are sufficient to respond to most of your most diverse needs. We offer you a range of cryogenic freezers for fast cooling and freezing. Our cryogenic solutions use carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases to rapidly reduce the temperature of food products or to quickly lower them as a protection route. Cryogenic liquid gases are also an effective, flexible, and less noisy way to maintain the precise degree of chilled or frozen foods during transportation.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), also known as dry ice, is a very effective and easy-to-use cooling medium. At atmospheric pressure, liquid carbon dioxide turns into solid carbon dioxide snow particles at 79ºC (–109ºF). The solid state of CO2 becomes extremely effective for mixers, shredders, containers, cartons, and products in mixed packaging.

CO2 snowflakes become even more effective when used with specially designed snow machines or sprayers. We developed a series of special expansion sprayers that guarantee efficient snow formation and rapid cooling. We also offer a variety of snow machines, ranging from manual and portable units to permanent installations. All our cryogenic equipment is designed to achieve the highest efficiency levels while complying with the highest industry hygiene standards.

To learn how we can help you solve ice cream and cooling challenges specific to your industry, such as:

Dairy Products

Processing sensitive dairy products, especially hardening ice cream, stabilizing desserts, etc.

Dry food and bakery products half-baked bread, quick-frozen rolls, buns, and prepared baked goods, etc. Freezing, fish, and seafood safe processing of all fish, fish fillets, shrimps, mussels, and other shellfish

Fruit and vegetable maintaining shape, texture, and taste after dissolution - especially in high-value products such as strawberries and raspberries meat minimizing the risk of contamination for burgers, sliced ​​meats, diced meats, and cut meats (such as cutlet), prepared and ready foods maintaining the quality of IFQ (individually quick frozen) foods, ready meals, paned and fried products as well as coated products.


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