How Will COVID-19 Affect Industry and Exports?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We made a brief evaluation on the subject with our General Manager of Tamutom Ice Machines Industry Company, Mr. Mustafa Göğcü;

While all sectors affected by COVID-19, which are rapidly influencing the world, are looking for ways to protect themselves in this process, the cooling industry is developing the necessary reactions in this process. Tamutom Ice Makers started taking preventive steps to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on the cooling industry. Evaluating the results of the studies, Mustafa Göğcü, General Manager of Tamutom Ice Machines Industry Company, pointed out that almost all of the Ice Machine and Technologies production stopped all over the world, including March 2020. He stated that if this situation is limited to a few weeks or a few months, the sector can handle it, “It will be difficult to overcome economically with the further prolongation of the process. Many nations and governments have either implemented or are about to launch various aid and incentive packages for small industrial enterprises and some important industries that are severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Turkey's exporting companies and the protection of the refrigeration industry in this context that we are relevant and should be supported, "he said.

2020 first assess the level of sales for the three months Mustafa Göğcü "Turkey in the three months of the year showing 70 percent increase compared to last year Ice Machine and Concrete Cooling products in the market, increase when April's per point at a certain level, he said progress in slowing pace. Indicating that this speed will increase a little faster in the second quarter of the year, Göğcü stated that sales and production decreased by 70-90 percent in Asia and Europe and that the market was shrinking.

“In the Ice Machine Industry, we must be more active to improve our customers' expectations.”

Stating that it is too early to predict how destructive COVID-19 can be for the Ice Machine industry, Mr. Göğcü continued: “Unfortunately, the global crisis caused by COVID-19 secretion may mean unknown losses for all of us. It is too early to predict how corrosive the results will be. However, one thing is certain that we need to improve our sales and after-sales experience by using the digital world better in order to keep up with the rapid changes in the working values of the Ice Machine and Concrete Cooling sector resulting from this epidemic. In the short and medium-term; While the Ice Machine and Concrete Cooling sector, which tries to survive, will have to slow down their investments for stock and intermediate production, on the other hand, the need for remote access services will accelerate investments in digitalization and related vehicles. ”

“Finally, I would like to thank each of you separately for your devoted work for Tamutom Ice Machine and other areas of our company within these terms.”

I would like to thank Mr. Mustafa GÖĞCÜ for this interview and detailed explanations we have made in a short time.





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