Updated: Sep 11, 2020

You want to produce ice, but which machine would be best for you and where to buy it?

If you want to manufacture flake ice, you are probably either working in the fish industry or you are in the ready-mixed concrete industry.

Today I have prepared an article for you working in the fishing industry.

As it is known, I do not need to say this, it is absolutely necessary to use ice for fish freshness. All fishermen and fish farmers know this. That's why fish farmers and processing facilities use ice. And they use huge volumes, tons of ice.

Flake ice,

The most preferred ice in fishing is flake ice. Because flake ice is the simplest and most efficient ice production. Flake ice is produced in a flake ice machine. It is the easiest to use ice machine with minimal need for service. The ice formed in a cylindrical evaporator is removed from the surface by an ice knife (also called a scraper) and falls into the cavity towards the bottom of the machine. These processes continue fully automatically and continuously.

Ice production starts in just 75 seconds,

The machine starts to make ice only 75 seconds after the start button is pressed, this time is a record. No other ice machine can produce ice during this time. When the flake ice machine starts to work, it continues to produce ice without stopping and without interruption. When periodic maintenance is done regularly, the flake ice machine can be used safely for more than 10 years for many years. You can view Tamutom flake ice machines https://www.tamutom.com/flake-ice-machine

Fishermen can use leaf ice in different ways,

Some fishermen use flake ice to keep the fish in their boats while fishing, for such fishermen it is necessary to use the flake ice machine on the boat. Ice produced when fishing is used to keep fish.

Some other fishermen may choose to supply ice from land rather than produce it on board and store it in their cold rooms. Daily ice needs can range from 500kg to 20 tons.

Whether on land or in the sea, fishermen need ice.

Ice Block,

Some fishermen especially prefer to use block ice. There are mutual advantages and disadvantages between block ice and flake ice. First of all, block ice is more durable and slow-melting ice. For this reason, some fishermen prefer block ice. Block ice production is made in the block ice machine. The Block ice machine is divided into two as brine system and direct cooling aluminum mold system. The brine system is a traditional method of making ice mold. The brine in the pool is cooled down to -15 ° C and the ice molds are immersed in this pool to freeze the freshwater in it. Frozen molds are taken out of the pool and are ready for use.

In the direct cooling block ice machine, aluminum molds act as a cooler and freeze the freshwater filled into it, making the block ice.

If you have noticed, producing block ice is more difficult and requires manpower than producing flake ice.

As we said, mold ice has its advantage and disadvantage. We tried to list them above.

If you want to use or buy an ice machine, you can contact our expert team. Our expert team will assist you in making the best and most suitable choice for you.

Mustafa Göğcü

Tamutom Ice Machines

General Manager



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