Let's get to know the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country where the Tamutom ice machine industry sells for the second time after seven months; The country is located under the Sahara Desert and is one of the largest states in the African continent in terms of population and area. With its precious metals and other natural resources, it is among the first in the world in terms of location. The capital city of Kinshasa is the commercial, industrial and administrative center of the country with a population of at least 10 million people. Commercial products are entered into the country through Matadi Port, the most important part of the country. The riches of the country have not escaped the attention of the imperialist states for centuries and have not taken their shadow over the Democratic Republic of Congo for many years.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was one of the most income-generating colonies, increasing the fight for domination over it, and although the country gained its independence in 1960, the civil war did not end. With the economic reform movements that started with the official end of the civil war in 2003 and the impact of these riches, the Democratic Republic of Congo has attracted more and more attention from investors in terms of business. As Tamutom Ice Machines, we are happy and proud to export to such a beautiful country.

"Tamutom Ice Machines, which is among the few companies in the world in this field by exporting ice machine products to the Democratic Republic of Congo, successfully completed its second export to this country in March 2021."

If we continue to recognize the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country's economy; has a beautiful climate, very fertile lands, the largest rainforests, and extensive mineral resources after the Amazon in South America. Since the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the countries with the richest natural resources in the world, many experts agree that if the right policies and a stable political environment are provided, the country can also rank among the top in the world in terms of national income.

Tamutom (Rosen CO.) Export department manager Sinan Dayıoğlu, Ice Machine entry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo market / Cooling sector to indicate that he believes will yield positive results and "Tamutom Ice Machine Industry in this industry, we had the honor of being the company that makes the first export from Turkey. Now we are happy to make our second export to this very important market. Production potential and industrial infrastructure of our company it is also suitable for exporting ice machine products to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the other African States ”.

“According to the data; The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which has significant economic potential, has been growing by an average of 6% each year since 2001.

Our other commercial negotiations for the Democratic Republic of Congo are ongoing. Finally, as the Tamutom family, we hope that peace and tranquility will come to this beautiful country permanently with the candidate to be elected in the country where the presidential election will be held.


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